We are here for you!

The offer of our services includes rental of audio, lighting, video and accessories repair services, installation of equipment, sound recordings and everything what clients want. All clients have the same desire ... a professional service at the time, coordinated and executed without having to worry of light, sound, video or any other production element. Clients simply want to make everything work. For this reason each agreed deal and every project we carry out with the same business process.

Equipment rental

The rental of equipment includes: rental of audio equipment, rental of lightning equipment, rental of video equipment and rental of stage and construction.

Maintenance and installation of equipment

Whether it is a brand new purchased technical equipment or already used equipment we provide the service of installation and maintenance for all types of audio, light and video equipment.

Sound recording

By carefully selecting the components in the construction of a system for multi-channel recording we are able to provide an affordable and compact solution. Various digital formats recorded with Logic or Cubase software are supported.

Planning and construction

Through the years of our business we often encounter with partial solutions and unfinished projects in sound system, lighting and video setup. Many clients gave us their trust just to correct failure and find the best solution for them.